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    Another year of community is both behind and ahead of us. As we look back at 2018-19 at Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, we honour the people who have moved our mission forward and see our work through their perspective.


  • Gary Luker
    SCIO Client
    Gary Luker
    “SCIO Is a very special organization. 17 years ago I was introduced to my peer mentor, Adrian, through the Peer Support program. It’s such a trying time in your life when you find yourself with a spinal cord injury. The future is truly unknown. Being able to see someone who has been at it for a while and has been very successful was extremely reassuring. As a Peer Support volunteer myself now, I’ve had a lot of first-hand knowledge of what this organization does. Their reach goes far beyond the hospital and into the community. Adrian‘s persistent attempt to get me to the tennis court is what made me the person I am today. Without SCIO that wouldn’t have been possible.”


  • Dave Baldwin
    SCIO Volunteer
    David Baldwin
    “There was no Peer Support when I was injured and I was left in the dark about how to live my life going forward. I then had a chance to see the benefits of the Peer Support service from SCIO, which is what inspired me to become a volunteer. I enjoy meeting new people which is one of the best parts of volunteering. I want to help others by providing them with knowledge and hope for their future. I want to help them to find something that will get passion back in their life.”
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  • Lynn Turnball
    Donor (Gift in Will)
    Lynn Turnbull
    “When we write our Last Will and Testament, we consider people and things we love. We leave gifts to benefit others, so that a little piece of us can live on. SCIO has been part of my family for a long time. My sister, Barbara, was a client, a fundraiser, a donor and a much-loved community member of the organization. Through Barbara, I’ve seen first-hand the powerful impact SCIO’s services can have on a person’s life. For this reason, I too fundraise, donate and have made the decision to leave a gift in my Will so the charity can continue their life-changing work even when I’m gone.”
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  • Adam Miller
    Community Partner, Fall 50 Bike Ride
    Adam Millar
    “When my Dad was injured in 2016, SCIO was instrumental in helping him and our family navigate the endless challenges that a spinal cord injury can present. We wanted to find a way to give back to the organization and make sure other people that sustain an SCI have the same, if not better experiences. In its first year our Fall 50 bike ride raised $10,000 for SCIO and Share the Road, the second year saw the fundraising total rise to $12,000 and we’re inviting anyone reading this to join us for our next event in 2019.”
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  • Peter Beck
    Individual Donor
    Peter Beck
    “My good friend was a client with SCIO’s Employment Services team. People with disabilities are so often overlooked by employers. Of the many challenges people face in life, struggling to find employment because of society’s misconceptions is one we can conquer together by speaking out as a community and working with employers to encourage more inclusive environments. Seeing the support and guidance SCIO offered to my friend and continues to provide people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities inspired me to donate and to keep donating.”
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  • Nouma Hammash
    Nouma Hammash
    “I love my job because it allows me to make a difference in others' lives. People with disabilities face extra challenges in their journey to live their lives to the fullest. As an Regional Services Co-ordinator for SCIO, I can help people navigate the system and advocate for the resources that they need. Thus, I can relieve some of the burden that overwhelms people. It is very rewarding to see people with disabilities empowered and able to move forward. SCIO is the avenue where I can see such positive changes happening.”
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  • Bruce Power
    Bruce Power
    “Bruce Power is pleased with the support we have provided to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for the past seven years as part of our company’s corporate social responsibility program. Health care is a major part of our community investment focus, which aligns directly to the caring advocacy, service and support delivered respectfully to people living with spinal cord injury every day. We applaud Spinal Cord Injury Ontario on its continued efforts to improve the health, mobility and options of those living with spinal cord injury and other disabilities, while promoting the development of fully inclusive communities across the province of Ontario.”
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  • Jake Thomas
    Event Guest
    Jake Thomas
    “Being able to meet peers is the best part. Every time I connect with people who also have an SCI it opens up dialogues and discussions I’m not usually surrounded by in my daily life. This gives me ideas, opportunities and a level of social engagement I wouldn’t have otherwise. Attending SCIO events is a chance to meet new people who know about adaptive activities. You will have access to equipment and expertise that you would not necessarily have or know about. If you haven’t tried it before take the opportunity to do so when you have the support and example of others with SCI.”
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  • Wendy Murphy
    Wendy Murphy
    “It’s been 35 years since my injury and while I’ve faced some limitations since that time, it has given me the drive and determination to make a difference in the lives of all those living with a disability. I like to live by the motto: “Make a Mark. Not a Stain” and I have hoped to be a driving force for change over the years in a positive way. I always focus on how we can make things work, or more importantly, how we can make things better. It’s been an incredibly exciting journey!”
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  • Ben King
    Young Professionals Board Member
    Ben King
    “SCIO helped me improve the overall quality of my life and I wanted to give back and be able to support others in their journey. The Young Professionals have been able to create events that are inclusive and bring together people with spinal cord injuries in an inclusive and accessible way. We’ve also been able to raise funds for research and services that will benefit myself and others in the future.”
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  • Sam Russo
    Family Member
    Sam Russo
    “When my wife Louise was injured there was a lot of support from the general public but as far as what I had to look forward to, I had no idea… The person who has sustained an SCI is going to be facing many challenges, their partners will also be facing challenges. They need support as much as their loved one.”
Gary Luker
Dave Baldwin
Lynn Turnball
Adam Miller
Peter Beck
Nouma Hammash
Bruce Power
Jake Thomas
Wendy Murphy
Ben King
Sam Russo